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10.07.2015 13:27, Christoph Gäbel from D / Munich E-mail :
Hallo Eva Sierminska ,

I read your essay about "pretty businesswomen" and
"good-looking and athlethic businessmen".
A former leader means : we have to work and nise girls are a break for working.
What do you mean about aristocratic people vs common people
in leading (communicating) positions ?

Christoph Gäbel

03.04.2015 00:53, Ron from Viano E-mail Homepage :
say thanks to so much for your web site it helps a great deal.

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17.12.2008 20:13, criistina lincaru from Romania E-mail :
Dear Eva,
I need to thank you for the warmth and kindly care you offer with such a generosity. Maybe is not too late to say this, …is almost passed 1 year, but I have to apologise again for the deplorable mistake I made – by omitting your Ph.D. in economics title. Today I visited your home page and I realised that your international career as a researcher is absolutely impressive, inspiring, outstanding, remarkable and astonishing. Possibly my blindness as a professional could be forgiven under the circumstances of the very subjective and maybe unjust way to relate with the reality. Some of the most precious memories from Differdange/ Luxembourg are the moments spent with you and Nicole. You helped me a lot and I keep fresh in mind a friendly and subtle person. I wish you to become a shining star on the research sky, more bright and with a lot of satisfactions. You healed my fear and panic that I lived at my visit beginning and I want you to know that I appreciate your humanity and diplomacy under the light of a special friend.
Yours grateful,

11.05.2008 13:06, Wlodzimierz Leszczynski from Polish E-mail :
Szanowna Pani,
od 17 lat mieszkam i pracuje w Luksemburgu. Obecnie zajmuje sie w Dresdner Bank Luxembourg S.A. wspolpraca z klientami rosyjskojezycznymi w zakresie Private Banking. W tym roku powierzono mi "opieke" nad osoba przygotowujaca prace dyplomowa (wedlug polskiej nomenklatury - w szkole pomaturalnej w Luksemburgu) na temat rosyjskich klientow bankow w Luksemburgu. Chetnie skontaktowalbym sie z Pania w sprawie mozliwosci uzyskania od Pani bardzo podstawowych danych zwiazanych z Private Banking w Rosji. Wdzieczny bede za Pani odpowiedz. Serdecznie podzdrawiam Wlodzimierz Leszczynski (Tel. 621324986)

16.04.2008 22:00, florencia lopez boo E-mail :
hi, greetings from DC..

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Entries: 5
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